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Healing Hands Wellness Institute is proud to be the college in South Africa with the biggest range of courses in complementary therapies. These can be taken part time or via correspondence. We also offer short courses and Specialized Courses.

Our classes are fun with the emphasis on quality. You will be equipped to enter the wellness industry with confidence and practice successfully in South Africa or Internationally. Our courses will allow you to practice privately, at salons, spas and wellness centres, or on international cruise liners.

Healing Hands offers flexible courses to suit your lifestyle. At Healing Hands we always strive to do more than merely teach, we strive to inspire and fulfil dreams, to ensure our students are the best they can be. Courses include holistic massage, reflexology, hot stone therapy, Indian head massage, advanced sports massage, any many more……

Day classes, evening classes, weekend classes and distance courses are available.

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Courses include holistic massage, reflexology, hot stone therapy, Indian head massage, advanced sports massage, any many more. Day classes, evening classes, weekend classes and distance courses are available.

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What our students say

  • My journey with Healing Hands started in 2007 in George , Cape Town and Sedgefield . I studied various different modules and ended with the massage international diploma. (I have to mention that I am hard of hearing and my left arm can’t rotate , the facilitator said “NO PROBLEM” we will work around that and I was taught that no one knows that I can’t rotate my arm) I opened my own business in Stilbaai, Body Basic in 2008 , I have built it up and expanded and have employed another person which I have had trained as a massage therapist , without hesitation I sent her to Healing Hands in Mosselbay , wow , she is now qualified and seeing clients. All I can say is Elle thank you for the opportunity you have given her, You are a fantastic facilitator , kind and patient, and will see to it that the students understand. Thank you for the opportunity you have given her and most of all “ thank you Healing Hands for my opportunity” I have a successful business i will be forever grateful to you. I will recommend anyone to study through Healing Hands. Sonja Friedschroder
  • Michelle Rigney
    My name is Michelle I am a lady who is visually impaired working in a corporate environment. After experiencing how our daily life and social demands has an influence on our health and well-being. The stress and rushed effects of economic expectations makes it so much more difficult to find ourselves. Many of us find it difficult to cope and I realized not only people living with a disability have struggles, but we all have something in common. We all need Healing  Hands. Massage is so beneficial for those who can learn and practice the vast techniques,  helping others to relax. It is  a  pain reducer and a toxin eliminator an certainly an extra income to alleviate financial predicaments. Healing Hands provided me with adequate accommodation to my needs as a visual impaired person,  making the courses easy and accessible to enjoy and learn. The lines of communication are always open. Maybe my Healing Hands could become a Healing Word to those with a Disability as it could become your ABILITY.
    Michelle Rigney
  • Lynne Van Zyl
    Dear Elle, Trust you are well. I'm delighted to share my exciting news with you. As you read my Nutrition Assignment, you experienced some insight of my transformational journey & path I've walked thus far. I'd just like to take this moment to thank your Academy for helping me re-connect to my True Self & finding my voice again. It's truly been an Awakening on so many levels.

    All this been said, I'm putting my journey into practice and opening my proudly SA wellness brand, which has been a dream of mine for many, many years. Unveiling Launch on 9 August 2018, called BeLoved SA. It's part of the MasterMind HeartSpace Centre in Tableview, Cape Town. We are fully booked for the event, so very excited!

    Find us on FaceBook -

    Love for you to comment, like & share and continue to watch the journey unfold.

    A big thanks once again to your Academy.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    To stay up to date with all our events please visit our website at

    Blessings from Beloved

    Logo of Beloved
    Lynne Van Zyl
    BeLoved SA
  • Pierre HH Graduate
    Baie dankie vir die groot verskil wat Healing Hands in my lewe kon maak, en wat julle almal gedoen het om my lewe te verander. Ek sal nie in woorde kan beskryf wat elke oomblik wat ek deur julle deur gestap het vir my beteken het nie.
    Pierre HH Graduate
  • Janita Lord, 21 HH Graduate
    Healing Hands International Massage Academy can hold their head high when saying that they are "international", as they are definitely on the level of any well known, respected study institution worldwide.
    Janita Lord, 21 HH Graduate


“We focus a large amount on the actual spas, however there are a number of individuals who go above the call of duty, who stand out from the crowd and through their work the entire industry benefits”, said Dr Nadine de Freitas as she introduced the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques the Spa Recognition Awards at the Gala Dinner Event. These Spa Recognition Awards include three categories, The Spa Ambassador Award, The Humanitarian Award and The Spa Visionary Award…

…The Spa Humanitarian Award, is awarded to a person who by definition is actively concerned in promoting human welfare and especially social reform. The 2008 award was awarded to Rudi Baker, from Healing Hands…

3rd February 2016

All about Massage Therapy

Emotional, mental and physical tension is stored in the muscle tissue, and skilled massage applied to the soft tissue encourages the muscular and nervous systems to relax, helping release stress and tension. The muscular, nervous, skeletal and circulatory systems are assisted to work harmoniously, which also acts as a preventative/maintenance to wellness. Waste products like toxins and metabolites caught in the muscle tissue are eliminated quicker. The relaxing, rhythmical movements stimulate the release of endorphins (nature’s opiates), which has added psychological benefits. A treatment may include the use of essential oils (aromatherapy) along with techniques such as effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (tapping), friction, and pressure energy balancing. Often, other complementary modalities such as reflexology, colour healing, polarity, etc. are […]
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