Healing Hands Accreditation

Healing Hands Wellness Institute Accreditation

Healing Hands Wellness Institute is one of the first colleges in South Africa to have offered more than 20 complementary therapy courses. We started operating in 2000, registered the college as a cc in 2002, re-registered the college as a Pty Ltd in 2005. Beginning 2015 we changed the name to Healing Hands Wellness Institute because we offer so much more thaThe logo of the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector (ETDP-SETA) n courses.

The Managing Director, Elle Baker, is a qualified Therapeutic Reflexologist through the International Institute of Reflexology, and has qualifications in almost all the courses offered by the college. She also has full accreditation and endorsement by the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector (ETDP-SETA) to act as facilitator, assessor and moderator. Copies of her qualifications are available to all on request. All our facilitators adhere to the SAQA Unit Standard Code 117871, which enables us to competently and professionally facilitate our courses.

There are many skills development practices available in South Africa where prospective therapists and students, as well as qualified therapists can expand their knowledge and gain the necessary professional and occupational skills to become highly qualified in this beautiful healing industry. However, Healing Hands Wellness Institute has been in operation for the longest period and offers the biggest range of complementary therapy courses in this beautiful country as well as internationally.

We are able to offer our courses at very affordable prices to any member of society who wants to become part of the healing therapy and spa industry here in South Africa, and worldwide. We know full well the costs of running a successful college, hence our ability to offer prospective students affordable prices because we believe in offering everyone equal opportunity to study courses of the highest standard nationally as well as internationally. It should not cost anyone a fortune to become part of this industry! We have proven this fact over and over again for 18 years, and we are growing stronger and stronger on a daily basis, continually re-writing our course material to adhere to the highest possible standards locally as well as internationally.

Healing Hands Wellness InstituteHealing Hands Wellness Institute is an independent training provider of the utmost excellence in Natural and Holistic therapies. We do not offer workshops as our courses and training programs are suitable for anyone, even if you have no knowledge or experience in the specific field you want to be qualified in. Upon completion of each course, you will be fully qualified in that therapy. Most of our courses embrace essentials of international unit standards as well as SAQA unit standards. Please refer to our courses on the website to see which unit standards we adhere to.

Being a Service Provider in our own right means that our qualifications and certifications are not regulated by the Medical Industry, we do not offer Practice Numbers (this is not a requirement to practice legally). Unit Standards for the courses we offer are not developed or available in South Africa, therefore we use elements of ‘Therapeutic Unit Standards’ that are available

No student who has not studied a therapeutic qualification may us the title ‘Therapeutic’ in front of the therapy they are certified in, e.g. Therapeutic Reflexologist, etc. Our students are allowed to use titles like Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Holistic Therapist, Aromatherapist, and so forth. This is valid for ALL colleges offering service provider courses. We specialize in further education, not higher education (for now).

We are working hard towards obtaining more national as well as international accreditation! We have already been appointed as the preferred training provider for UK based cruise liners – our placement rate is 100%. We will keep on moving forward and offering courses of the highest standard worldwide! Watch this space!