Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy Course

Colour Therapy helps people understand their needs for certain coloursand shows them how to use these coloursfor health, healing, inspiration, relaxation, and protection. A Colour Therapist can use colourto balance energy, aid creativity, and alleviate physical, emotional, and mental conditions. Colour has a definite effect on mood, behavior, and well-being.

Covered in the course
  • Principals and Philosophy
  • History of the Symbolism of Colour
  • Colour Breathing
  • Colour Visualization
  • Healing actions of Coloured rays
  • Running a Colour Therapy Practice
  • Colour Diet, Fragrances and Music
  • Therapeutic Use of Colour
  • Colour Counseling and Psychology
  • Polarizing Energy
  • Using colour for diagnosis

  • Course Outcome
    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Practice as a Colour Therapist
  • Perform a colour theraphy/consultation
  • Have the necessary knowledge pertaining to work ethics and professionalism when performing colour therapy

  • Course Type
    Internationally recognized provider program


    You can start with this course immediately on enrolment and all your course material and student pack will be send to you within 7 –10 days after enrolment is received.

    Although you should be able to complete this course in 3 months, open learning gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace within a 2 year period

    Exams for obtaining Certificate
    3 case studies
    Written exam