Nutrition Course

Natural Therapists recognize that if you provide the body with the right conditions, it will heal itself. This course is designed to help you do just that. This course is a must for anyone who is seriously interested in their personal health, or other peoples.

Covered in the course
  • An introduction to Nutrition and The Five Basic Factors
  • Major Health Considerations and Genetic Inheritance
  • What Constitutes a good diet and The Average requirements for nutritional health
  • The Digestive System and Digestive Disorders
  • Vitamins and Minerals and their various uses

  • Course Outcome
    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
    Understand the working of Macro-and Micro nutrients in the human body
    Develop eating plans according to the client’s unique needs and specifications
    Have the necessary knowledge pertaining to work ethics and professionalism

    Course Type
    Provider program *Please note that a basic Massage qualification is a pre-requisite for this course


    You can start with this course immediately on enrolment and all your course material and student pack will be send to you within 7 –10 days after enrolment is received.

    Although you should be able to complete this course in 3 months, open learning gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace within a 2 year period