Sports Nourishment & Nutients

The 'Super Athletes' of today have come to recognize and rely on the science of sports nourishment and nutrients. Sports nutrition differs from standard nutrition in that it recognizes the additional demands made on the body by exercise and sports performance. Athletes - whether recreational or professional - are finally embracing the value of nourishment and nutrients in the pursuit of excellence. Ultimate nutrition equals ultimate achievement. The contents of this course will unleash the athlete from the confines of conventional nutrition and free him/her to pursue the ultimate in peak performance. In addition, the health benefits to each and every student are both invaluable and a source of inspiration to not only do well but to excel in their chosen field of excellence!

Covered in the Sports Nourishment & Nutrients
  • Performance Fuel - the three core energy sources
  • Vitamin and Mineral Index
  • Complete Guide to Ergogenics (performance enhancing supplements)
  • Metabolism - Krebs Cycle L, Lactic Acid, Ketosis
  • Sports Nutrition Myths Exposed
  • How muscles use fat and enzymes; Fat and sugar storage
  • Exercise and Energy Expenditure
  • Pre-Contest Fuel and During Contest Fuel - where applicable
  • Post Contest Fuel - Glycogen Replacement
  • The 'F' Factor - Fluids
  • Diet 'Tricks' for Peak Performance

  • Course Outcome
    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Understand the importance and working of all forms of nutrients in the sports person’s physical body.
  • Apply the above in your daily life
  • Have e necessary knowledge pertaining to work ethics and professionalism.

  • Course Type
    Provider program.


    Although you should be able to complete this course in 3 months, open learning gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace within a 2 year period.

    Exams for obtaining Sports Nourishment & Nutrients Certificate
    2 case studies
    Written exam