Healing Hands Wellness Institute CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT

  • It is a condition of Healing Hands Wellness Institute that every delegate of the Institute, including all students in teaching with the Institute, undertake to be bound by the terms of the code of ethics and conduct.
  • Healing Hands Wellness Institute will not in any way criticize, disrepute or belittle any kind of training institution. We respect all colleges in this industry and believe that every college has a valuable role to play and valuable services to offer individuals.
  • Yes we offer ridiculous discounts because we can! We have been criticized for doing this, however, we strive to make the courses affordable and give any individual a chance to further their studies or become a part of this wonderful industry of healing, or better yet give them the opportunity to be self-employed.

Our full Code of Ethics and Conduct are available to anyone by contacting the college on 081 00 88 663 or email info@healingacademy.co.za