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You too can enjoy the freedom and financial benefits of running a successful company with the expertees and backup from the Leaders in the Industry. With the incredible success Healing Hands Wellness Institute with the setup and training of spas (voted best in South Africa), we have decided to share this success with you!

16 Years’ experience in the Industry
Healing Hands has 16 years’ experience in the spa industry and is now regarded as the top spa developer in South Africa

Stand-Alone Operations
We build stand-alone operations to ensure you have the freedom of running your spa as it should be run
Ancient Healing Disciplines

An exotic blend of spa therapies and modern principles of relaxation and bliss form the core of our philosophy.

With many years of experience, our spas are the best possible solution for the South African Market.

Only the Best

Our success lies in the flexibility and hands-on approach offered to the client, providing world-class services and creating world-class spas.

  • - Providing flawless guest services
  • - Controlling the quality
  • - Ensuring guests get priority for service
  • - No skills / knowledge required as we guide you all the way
  • Benefits

    World Class Solutions are Accessed
    By choosing a Healing Hands Wellness Institute day spa setup, you have immediate access to a team of people dedicated to support you and setup your spa to world class standards

    Competitiveness is enhanced
    Any spa is only as good as their therapists and expertise gained from many years of experience, and in order to ensure a substantial market share in the fastest growing industry in SA, your staff will receive the highest standard of training on an on-going basis at no charge to you

    Expertise is accessed
    Healing Hands Wellness Institute is the team with the best expertise in SA because we have 16 years of experience in this field and we have highly educated trainers in all aspects of our industry

    Activity is better managed
    With the amount of experience we bring to your spa, efficient and smooth running of your spa to the highest possible standard is possible with no time wasting “Old world healing disciplines, an exotic blend of spa therapies, and modern principles of health and wellness form the core of our philosophy”

    The Spa Setup Includes:
  • - Planning and development
  • - Start-up
  • - Operations and management support
  • - Planning and development
  • - Concept development
  • - Critical path planning
  • - Requirements definition with choosing a venue
  • - Equipment selection, placement, and design
  • Start-Up
  • - Hiring and evaluating staff
  • - Training of staff
  • - Product development
  • - Service menu development and pricing
  • - Treatment protocols, training program and resources
  • - Operating procedures and training
  • Themes
    You choose your own theme with our advice and support

    End to End Support
    Potential Return on Investment based on a 12 people per sitting spa

    Low once-off franchise fee of R 195,000
  • - Includes full setup, equipment and training – all you supply is a venue!
  • - Guaranteed lowest costs for products, equipment and supplies
  • - Strategic and immediate success
  • - High profits
  • - Low costs

  • Sales (Gross per month) R 373 488 per month
    Cost of sales: R 124 704 per month
    Gross profit: R 248 784 per month
    (12 people per session @ R 599.00 per day package – 2 sessions per day – 6 days per week. Including wages and products)